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Questions to ask yourself in developing your Private Label dog supplement products.

What is your private label pet supplement goal? Have you defined your private label pet supplements manufacturing partnership, experience and accountability requirements. How to get the most for your private label pet supplement investment, branding and marketing strategies. Have you defined potential struggles and hurrdles in coming to market? Is your manufacturer a good partner and what is their track record? Last, is private label pet product liability insurance in place or available for your brand? Questions and more answers you need considered before you put your money to work.

Ok, so you have the bug to get into ecommerce, Amazon, Jet, Walmart, ebay and a ton of other space on the net selling private label pet supplements and or supplies or maybe in your own store or vet clinic, we do this daily and globally. All USA made products and no Chinese ingredients to worry about. Now, you want to make real money, retire and get going in life, finally! Pet's is one of the widest markets around the world. As you know people will pay more for their pet's health than their own sometimes, and in most cases. I am gulity of funding my daughters cat with more $$$ than a good down payment I see on the BMW commercials. Really. So in the pursuit of building one of the largest private label pet supplement and products companies and the only one with 6+ #1 awards from Amazon for my buyers, I decided to make a web site, and yes it does link to my companies, and I do have a vested interest, I wanted to clear the air about some things and hopefully save you, the entrepreneur a lot of grief and lost money. Now the book I wrote on launching Private Label pet supplements products on Amazon is in pdf form down below and this little ebook has really opened some eyes and made some people call me. Yes, I love it. When we engage with you we are all about what is it you want to make and why. I mean why would it be great for dogs, cats, horses and other pets to have your own private label pet supplements.  We turn down opportunities by the boat load some months as potential buyers just do not have the skill, capital, or time to launch a new business and yes this is a financial risk for you. There is always the romantic view and the real view of business start ups. People fall into one of the two catagories. Our companies moral compass is not like some of our competitors out there that sell the same products 500 times a month and club you like a baby seal in the head, take your money and slap your label on a jar or bottle and leave you selling the same old vanilla ice cream in the private label pet supplements neighborhood along with everyone else they just sold it too. This is not a smart investment on your part. Then it happens, you crash when another same old product seller needs their money out of the market and quietly super discounts the product and takes all similar product sellers down the drain with them... OUCH! We truly take the custom approach to Private Label pet supplements to offer you the buyer a unqiue and rare product that is not easliy duplicate in the private label pet supplements selling floor. Yes, we do gate keeping to reduce you from walking off the ledge into the black hole of over sold private label pet, dog, cat, horse supplements. Now you have greater opportunity to build a niche market and income. We want you successful. Some of our biggest sellers are pushing $650,000 a month and our smallest professional seller is selling $20,000 a month. You can to with guidence and tenacity. Your Private Label dog, cat, horse and pet supplements opportunity is a real business and it is something most can do, but not all! I know of a person on Amazon as of recently selling there virtual Amazon Market Place for over 7 figures. WOW... it does happen, but not selling the same thing as everyone else. Be smart!

TURN KEY APPROACH .... Graphics for labels and bags in house, custom four color bags in sixteen business days, labels in six. Trademark attorney on staff to keep you from getting pulled off the market, DVM on contract, Product photography, 3d renderings in house, and real private label product insurance to cover you in North American and options for additional coverages. Oh, yes, not two fat guys in the basement making Private label pet supplements and products, three USA FDA inspected plants, and GMP certified in the speciality of these products. We build it, help you design it and you sell it.  Our's is the custom approach and turn key approach to designing and making all natural private label pet supplements for dogs, cats, and horses. We make it so easy, if you can order a pizza or cook your favorite meal, then designing your custom private label dog, cat or even horse supplement is just as easy as point, click, send, and get started. We take the science out of it, but leave the ingredients in it. Please down load some of the pdf books I wrote to help you, and get going in the right direction. Note there are more cats in the USA than dogs, and cats are more profitable. Think about that! No company ships more private label pet supplements and treats into Amazon FBA world wide than us. Period. Together lets make something great, we got this! 45 days from graphics legal sign off to delivery, wow fast! Plus we have two Amazon FBA DCs next to us only twenty minutes away. If we ship to them you are up and on in 30 hours.

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